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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  May 14, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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so you can get the reloadable card that keeps up with you. chase liquid. so you can. >> this is the scene of late afternoon tragedy. woman and 2 children hit by a car and one of them did not survive. good evening. it happened in an instant. 7-year-old was killed. her little sister and their aunt all hit by an suv. on blue field drive at vista
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park drive that's the valley area of san jose as you see on the map. we were overhead shortly after this tragedy. the family was apparently hit as they were leaving park view elementary ask as class were his letting out. aunt and little sister are expected to be okay. residents say speeding cars are a long time problem in this neighborhood. people are always driving around 50 miles an hour down the street. and blowing by not paying attention. especially around 3 or 3:30 in the afternoon when the kids are leaving the school and crossing the street. >> driver of the vehicle did stop. he is cooperating with the vechlingts he was taken down voluntarily to the police department and is being interviewed rate now by terse. >>reporter: investigators say they don't believe the drugs or alcohol are involved here. also in san jose. man died in house fire after getting trapped inside the building. we were over the home on call try way at t ber yes a
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neighborhood east of 6 80. one firefighters was injured. he is expected to be all right. >> late today prosecutors filed second 43 murder charms against miss fowler 12-year-old brother accusing him of murdering his sister last month. sheriff's deputy arrested the by over the weekend. authorities say he killed his 8-year-old sister then made up a story about an intruder breaking in the family home in valley springs. investigators say the boy was the only one in the house at the time this happened. today authorities released audio from the 911 call made by fowler stepmother. we have posted that on line at our web site if you would like to listen to it. >> the family of leila fowler brother retained prominent sacramento law firm to represent their son. lawyers appearing in court tomorrow morning for the boy's first appearance in juvenile court. and the attorneys are speaking only to reporter george warren tonight. >>reporter: we spoke to sacramento attorney steve and
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mark shortly after they met with the 12-year-old client for the first time. leila fowler brother is being held in the el drd 0county juvenile hall because the other county lacks appropriate facilities. >> he's actual hi doing very well writ now as well as can be expected. in these really difficult tim. >>reporter: one difficult after being retained by the fowler family, the attorneys also visited the crime scene. family home in valley springs. attorney say the boy and his family cooperated with authorities in the two weeks leading up to his arrest. they will ask that the 12-year-old not be forced to return to juvenile detention in placerville. >> as far as whether or not the boy can stay with his family during the proceedings we are certainly going to ask for tha that. >>reporter: financially the foul remembers asking through their attorneys that they be left alone. >> i'm hoping that people will find it in them to have enough empathy for the family to realize the tonight mayor they are living right now and give them the space they need. >>reporter: xd george warren, 7 news.
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>> searchers back tomorrow morning to lack for missing 9-year-old girl. 9-year-old mykala lynch disappeared sunday vacationing with family in mostly clear lake. mykala has safer autism. she is from san francisco. search continues full tilt for her. tonight 6 former san francisco school district employees are charged with embezzling 15 million dollars. according to the district attorney this scheme went on for a decade. but how did they get away with it for so long? education reporter lee ann is in san francisco with the stor story. >>reporter: trish was in charge of the1&ñ student suppot service division for the san francisco unified school district. she and her team worked with non-profit like edge wood center and san francisco school alliance to get needed medical and educational help for some students in the district. the state and federal grants given to her division had to be used within a certain time period or risk lasting those funds.
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district attorney george said instead they put the money that a slush fund. >> the money park in separate account and falsify document saying it was used for intended purposes. >>reporter: supposedly this went on from 2002ko to 2010. the attorney says 5 employee from the division also funneled money into their personal accounts. trish is said to have taken 87,000 dollars. 6 employee former assistant principal at marina middle school was payed 12,000 plus work for work she never performed. >> we know there is money that went on to hire people and pay bone that you say they didn't have coming to them. >>reporter: according to the investigation one of the non-profit sf school alliance even used 250,000 dollars to invest in the stock market and lost. terri was not with the non-profit when this supposedly happened. she came on board in
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2010 when the investigation was just beginning. >> no comment on. that no. just what i said. we are working with the da and we are supportive of what the school district effort are. we'll continue to did so. >> we are mortified at the thought that trusted employees would conceive of such a scheme to divert funds from the children for inform whom they are intend. >>reporter: stewart hand lon represents trish. he says his clint did nothing illegal. >> what is going to come out here the incompetent of the elected officials school board and people they represent or hire to oversee what is going on in our district. >>reporter: former employee have all agreed to surrender to the authorities tomorrow. in san francisco, abc 7 news. america's cup officials say tonight that the races will go on as scheduled even after the death of a sailor during a training run last week. they expect all 4 entrants to
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compete including sweden racing one of the racing team 2 boats was damaged when it capsized near alcatraz on thursday killing this experienced sailor olympic sailor in fact an drew simpson. next america's cup race scheduled to begin july 4th. top transportation brass came new bay bridge. those bolts that aren't holding up. as transportation reporter heather explains, the senator are asking some tough questions. >>reporter: senator mark says he called this hearing on faulty bay bridge bolts because he's not been satisfied with cal-trans explanation. >> commuters of the bay bridge expect honesty and not this and we have all experienced is whether it's engineering speak or not, they have to translate concerns in the general public so it's understandable. >>reporter: 32 bolts in a batch of 96 broke on the new suspension span when they were
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tensioned in march. there's a fix in the work for them but cal-trans now has to test a couple thousand similar bolts to make sure they won't also break. on the question of why this type of bolt susceptible to bricking in marin conditions was chosen consolidate transdirector malcolm said they had been used successfully before. but now it's clear better testing was needed. >> what we did know today that we did not incorporate then because we didn't know then is the level of testing that we should do in ordering these bolts. devil is not in the good vanizing it's in the meta metal. >>reporter: on the question of who decided to use them and when cal-trans says it was group of experts in 2002. more specific will require reconstruction of records. >> record system here i think is another less sun learned. that this would have gonna lot faster if the records were all computerize and much more available and so we have had to do a lot of searching and hunting and peck to go the
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material from 2002. >>reporter: as for whether if you bridge opens labor day weekend as scheduled the decision boils did you know to which bridge is safer in an earthquake. ñi old one or the nw one even with bolts that still need replacing. >> what do you do if you take an extra week and god forbid another problem and what the experts tell us happens is the old bridge has collapses. >> that is what the important decision here is. put traffic on the new bridge before the earthquake happens even if you have to replace bolts. >>reporter: abc 7 news bay bridge consultant bart saying it's likely that the new bridge even with bolts that might still need replacing would be safer than the old bridge come labor day but that decision has not yet been made. we should know more aboutxd that come may 29 at the next mtc meeting in oakland. in sacramento, abc 7 news. well here's a question. how many criminals are roaming
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free because police have not tested thousands of rape kits. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00. i team investigation update. >> i don't know there's another haven't that could be more traumatizing than sexual assault. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. couple of chilly days coming our way but they won't last too long. i have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also here. heads up for anyone who needs a caffeine fi fix. is that you? whyok the daily dose may cost more and even increase immigration here in the united look at 'em.
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with qualifying bundles. >> bay area law enforcement agency are not always testing dna evidence collected in rape investigations. thousands of untested sexual assault kits are sitting on the shelves of local police departments. thousands of them. dan with update to an investigation that we first reported on abc 7 news at 11:00 o'clock last night.
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>> sexual assault crimes are some of the most horrendous crimes that can happen to somebody. >>reporter: district attorney nancy o'malley on a mission to test every sexual assault kit in other county starting with 2000 kits sitting in police property rooms. >> it makes no sense not to take that amazing tool that has been developed in the criminal justice arena and look at it to see if we can solve some sexual assault crimes nishtion san francisco police are required to test all kits. that the city ordinance passed in 2010. but we found police didn't go back and test kits before the ordinance took effect. so far sf pd officials found 196 sexual assault kits from 2009 and 2010 sitting untested on property room shelves. they are now reviewing all those cases. our investigation has led to audit of the property room to see if there are any other untested kits from before 2009.
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>> short of homicide where you don't have the victim to talk to, i don't know that there is another event that could be more traumatizing than a sexual assault. >>reporter: we also surhave i some departments in santa clara county and found not all kits there are tested. in the city of santa clara the police collected 45 sexual assault kits from 2009 through 2012. 7 were sent for testing. the department has total of 49 untested kits in the property room. >> we test our kit that are required to be tested as to prosecute a case. >>reporter: sunnyvale department of public safety collected 53 kits from 2009 through 2012. 12 were sent for testing. the department says it has 207 untested sexual assault kit in the property room. >> we didn't send them did you know for a reason initially. it's fwlaws was no physical evidence there or was known suspect referred to the district attorney office and defer to them whether they get sent did you know or not. >>reporter: san jose has 1800 sexual assault kit in the property room. terri harmon oversees the da sexual assault
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unit and says dna testing is not always necessary in solving the crime. if a suspect confesses for example. >> other evidence of a crime that at the time of issuing the start kit is not a necessary component. >>reporter: agency told us they always test sexual assault kits when the suspect is unknown or the suspect is then and denied sexual contact. they do not test the kits if suspect is then and consent not an issue. they believe no biological evidence has been collected. or the victim does in the want to move forward with the case. >> almost revictimizing the victim. >>reporter: she's a sexual assault survivor and advocate. she believes all kits need to be tested even when the suspect is known. she says not testing mate leaf a criminal on the street. >> we have tls to tie another crime and we are not using it. i men, what a failure of justice. >>reporter: she was helpingal mead county and other agencies across the country raise private funds to test the evidence. it can cost 800 to
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1200 dollars to test a single kit. the push for more testing starts with police. >> get them out of police custody get them out of the police station and county facility that's where the rape kits are. >> i would also ahead vo indicate for testing every kit that gets collected. >>reporter: santa clara county crime lab says every kit should be tested he would want to make sure procedures in place to make the practice effective the. >> caveat is that we can't just put it on a conveyor belt and work the start kit without having the background form to know again what is the nature of the case and does it deserve the if prioritization. >>reporter: in fact, every agency we spoke with in santa clara county felt the same way. >> it can be done. we have the kits here. we have to take it from point a being the police department evidence lamb to point b to the lab. >> i would be advocate put as much dna in the database as possible. >> to the accident start kit
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all start kit can beested, certainly wouldn't get an objection from members of than the sexual assault team. >>reporter: now up to the agency and officials santa clara county to decide if they want to test every sexual assault kit. but it could be worth it. detroit officials say when they tested 154 case ins their backlog, more than 20 serial rapist were identified. for the i team, dan, abc 7 news. >> all right let's turn it over to spencer talk about the weather forecast. kind of dip in midweek. >> sharp dip in temperatures thursday. begins tomorrow but bottom out thursday friday but then it bounces back over the wean. look at live doppler 7 hd and see that we have quiet conditions tonight. listen. see. if clear skies. no fog at the coast and it's a very pleasantly cool evening around the bay area but it's breezy. we have got gusts to 32 miles per hour fairfield 33 concord
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29 at sfo and 24 at san carlos so bit breezy around the bay area. clear sky live view along embarcadero high definition rav top camera at abc 7. temperature readings 54 crisp degree in san francisco. 58 across the bay oakland. 61 at mountain view also 61 in san jose. view from our roof top camera looking back at coyoand n blue and orange and warriors and current temperature readings santa rosa 60, napa 60. livermore 59 and 57 at union city. on we good to sutro camera view out over san francisco under clear skies. and these are forecast features clouds will increase tomorrow afternoon and evening. chance of showers thursday and much cooler on thursday friday as our temperatures bottom out. let's take a lack at satellite radar composite image. approaching cold front. cooler air mass behind it and this is what is going to change our weather pattern rather sharply
9:20 pm
as we head toward the end of the week. so farther our forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point skies will still than mainly clear to few little patches of low clouds here and there but then the higher clouds arrive le and in the tomorrow night overnight into thursday and by thursday morning about 10:00 o'clock we see at legislature a chance of some showers developing up in the north bay later in the day chance of more wide spread showers through the bay area on thursday afternoon and then that pattern continues overnight into the late nature hours thursday night into friday morning. so we could get wet weather. don't expect heavy rainfall but rain fall at this time of the year unusual nonetheless. overnight tonight mainly clear. low temperature generally in the low 50's and then tomorrow we see high in the south baylow to mid 70's up to about 73 at san jose. on the peninsula upper 60's to low 70's redwood city palo alto mount view breezy cool on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay with high in the upper 50's. 64 degrees downtown san
9:21 pm
francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay with lots of clouds around mid 70's from santa rosa to sonoma to napa nearest bay high upper 60's to low 70's, 71 at yawn city, 72 at castro vaechlt inland east bay a little bit warm we are upper 70's at walnut creek and concord and around 80 degrees at pittsburgh and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. notice on thursday and friday high pressure inland only around 70 degrees. 60's around the baylow to mid 50's on the coast. start warming up again on saturday and by sunday and monday inland high will be back up around 90 degrees. so we bounce back very quickly from the cool down thursday friday. >> all right thanks spencer very much. >> well 2 drink max. new rule >> we[ male announcer ]ew rule we gave the new e-class
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can help you do what you do... even better. >> tonight breast cancer activist are praising actress angelina jolie for what they are calling heroic choice. today she revealed she underwent a double mastectomy in february and the hope of preventing cancer in an op-ed piece in "the new york times"she divulge she carries the gene abnormal that puts her at 87 percent risk of developing breast cancer. she writes the decision to have a mastectomy not easy but it is one i'm happy i made and can tell my children this they don't need to fear that they willless me to breast cancer. >> when you have someone share their story that's incredibly moving and powerful. thinks going to be complete game changer when it comes to testing breast cancer. >>reporter: angelina jolie mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 56. she says she
9:26 pm
hopes her going public will inspire other women to get tested for the cancer casting brca 1 gene. >> strong reaction tonight to recommendation by federal safety official to lower the limit on how much people can drink before they drive. national transportation safety board wants the blood alcohol content or the bac lowered from the current.08 standard to.05 percent. any actual changes to the level are up to individual states but not everyone thinks lowering the limit is a good idea. >> we are talking one beer to drop to it 105 and not able to have a glass of wipe with dinner and drive home is extreme. come on. >> if i know that the legal limit is now.05 if i'm responsible individual that means i consume legal alcohol. >> ntsb believes if all 50 states change the standard to this.05 percent figure, nearly 1,000 lives could be saved every year. >> new report questioning
9:27 pm
common held theory about salt intake. influential institute of immediate says americans high risk for heart problems told to sharply cut the salt intake from the diet may not actually benefit from ultra low sodium. but more study is needed. >> fungus destroying the coffee crop in central america. problem is affecting costa rica a, dominican republic, el salvador, guatemala, honduras jamaica nicaragua and panama. coffee production down by 17 percent or so that will cost 3 74,000 workers their jobs. and the region will lose half billion dollars in revenue. the problem is what is called coffee leaf rust. it's attacking the levs of coffee trees preventing cherry from ripe engine. 12 percent of the coffee premium bean and much is consumed here in the united states is affected. experts say the blight may increase praise and lead to more people em grating to the u.s.
9:28 pm
>> another military leader is charged with sexual assault. we have that story next. >> plus hitting home. scandal involving the irs continues to expand. other irs offices around the country involved including 2 here in california. we have that story. also. >> i'm in sacramento. with a budget surplus hopes were high that program cuts would be restored. the winner and loser of governor brown revised pwruj it proposal. >> and famous pyramid in central america. before a bulldozer hacked it up for a bulldozer hacked it up for a road project. stay with us.
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>> first it was the air force now it's the army. tonight the coordinator of sexual assault prevention program at fort hood texas being investigated for
9:32 pm
abusive sexual contact, assault and myself treelt of subordinate. he has been suspended from his job. remember last week the head of sexual assault prevention for the air force was charged with sexual assault. and removed from his position. >> dramatic new twist in the battle raging over the irs audit. word that the department of justice will unleash the full force of a criminal investigation as the scandal reaches california now. latest from jonathan karl. >> it's no longer just a political scandal. irs alleged targeting of conservative groups is now the subject of a criminal investigation. >> fbi is coordinating with the justice department to see if any law were his broken in connection with those matters related to the irs. >> just released investigative report by the irs own watch dog says more than half of the conservative groups targeted were asked for irrelevant, unnecessary information. all part of an effort to single out tea party organizations that
9:33 pm
were aplaying for tax exempt status for extra scrutiny. >> when the irs first acknowledged apologiesed for inappropriatelyly targeting tea party groups it said the action were his limited to officials in this cincinnati field offic office. but we obtained documents showing other are irs offices around the country were involved. including two in california and headquarters in washington, d.c. what it house insist it had no idea any of this was going on. >> can you say categorically that nobody at the white house and nobody on the president political team had any knowledge or was involved in any way in the targeting of tea party groups by the irs. >> yes. >> absolutely not. >> we learn about everything we know about this from we see in your report. >>reporter: conservative aren't buying obama objective is to eliminate all opposition. >> if this isn't a gathering of an enemy list, i don't know what is. >>reporter: all this comes at white house that takes pride in being scandal free has been
9:34 pm
hammered bay series of controversy. >> president obama what went wrong in benghazi. this seams like genuine scandal. scandal. >>reporter: latest revelation justice department obtained 2 month of telephone records of reporter at the associated press as part of leak investigation. according to the irs watch dog none of the officials that were involved in doing the targeting say they were under orders to do it by anybody outside of the irs. but now those with are responsible could face criminal charges most serious of which would be conspiring to violate the constitutional right of their political opponent. the maximum penalty for that is 10 years in prison. jonathon kar karl, abc news the white house. >> mean time bay area radio personality says she may have been one of those tea party supporters targeted by the internal revenue service. morgan morning show host at k sfo and chair the organization move america forward, conservative group that supports u.s. troops. well 2 years ago she says she and the
9:35 pm
organization were the subject of listening audit that were intimidating. >> agent spent three months every single day in our office. and it was a nightmare frankl frankly. it was just a nature mayor but came out of the audit at the end clean. >>reporter: melanie is on k sfo radio and may sue the irs if she was targeted for her political affiliation. >> well now to the incredible should rinking budget deficit. congressional budget office predicts 2013 budget deficit of 6 from a billion dollars. a lot but that's more than 200 billion below the february estimate. smallest short fall since 2008 and first time the deficit has been below 1 trillion i don't know since then. hair tax revenue spending cuts and better than expected bailout repayment by mortgage giant fannie mae and freddie mac are the key reasons for this. >> well those airline fees really add up. airlines collected more than 6 billion dollars in baggage and
9:36 pm
reservation change fee from passengers last year maybe some of your money. the fees are helping the industry return to profitability. >> air india plagued by financial difficulty. one of the pilot was locked out of the cockpit after a bath room break. door was jammed so the co-pilot had to divert the flight. >> schools are getting a multi-billion dollar boost in governor brown newly rae advised california budget but schools are about the only thing benefitting from the extra cash coming in. many others are asking tonight why they are being left out. capitol correspondent annette has the story. >> this is not the time to brick out the champagne. >>reporter: after weeks of talk about a budget surplus nearing 5 billion dollars, governor brown revised spending plan is 1 billion dollars lower than his original budget proposal in january. >> the news about the economy has dropped. 4 percent growth has now become 2% growth. >>reporter: add to that boo
9:37 pm
booming federal sequester cut and higher payroll tax forcing workers to spend less and surplus really isn't that big. >> i'm trying to find the right balance between spending and holding the line evening. >>reporter: thanks to sorority approval of higher tax under proposition last november public schools big winner in the budget revision. nearly 3 billion dollars more. billion dollars will help implement more rigorous academic called common course standards. the rest will pay for his controversial plan to give more money to ask districts to have a hair ratio of low income and english learning students. as california begins to implement the federal affordable care act governor brown added billion and a half dollars more in federal state money to medi-cal as the program takes on millions of uninsured resident residents. >> they won't help me. i need help. >>reporter: single mom enrolled in cal work the state welfare to work program are stunned over what is not in the
9:38 pm
governor revised budget blue print. none of the previous years budget cuts were restored and the monthly benefits remain small. they thought helping the governor pass prop 30 would men more money for the program time. i'm begging that you restore and help us the way you came to our community in our neighborhood and asked us to help you pass this proposition. >> spare change around has not read the budget. >>reporter: cal works mom would lick to see the governor kipp in the billion dollar reserve to fund the program more. over all democrat and republicans like the governor fiscal restraint and must approve state budget by june 1 15. in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> more to bring you tonight. different kind of mid-air collision. eagle making unscheduled landing at an airport. >> smart phone war. samsung technology brick through good technology brick through good for you but m
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>> archeologist are horrified that one of the largest pyramid in be liz destroyed. here is the 2300-year-old temple at the complex before it was damaged. spectacular. now i know here it is afterwards. road crew use backhoe to tear it apart lacking for easy source of gravel for ridiculous reason they decided to take down that pyramid. pictures just released are really fascinating. show rare sight tonight. 2 bald eagle locked together by the tall lon in a mid-air battle. they survived a crash landing on to a runway at manipulate society airport. one of them got away from wild life officials on the way to the rehab center but the other one is being cared for tonight. there is a close-up look at the tall lon entwineed like that.
9:43 pm
>> all right. let's talk about technology. new race to speed up mobile network is being triggered by announcement from south korea that samsung planning to roll out 5 g technology in 2020. business technology reporter david has the story from silicon valley. >>reporter: lake them or not cell tower provide the signal that power mobile did he advises. a5 soon they will be sending out a new general rigs of technology called 5 g. that will be hundreds of times faster than what exist today. did he advice maker samsung says the lab in south korea has already tested it and will have it ready by 2020. analyst say samsung is out to displace apple aztec leader. >> would have looked to apple if it was a year ago. samsung wants to take the place of apple. they want to be the leader. in the state's about what the industry now look lik like. they want to help create atmosphere which everybody get excited about.
9:44 pm
>>reporter: samsungs7 won over consumer with the s 4 smart phone and with plans for faster 5 g network consumers see samsung in new light. >> i was with apple for the last 2 years. first phony got and i effective thought i would leave. and i just switched over about two weeks ago. >>reporter: take 2 or three years just to create international 5 g standard and find spectrum to deploy it but the need is there as the did he advices are used for data intensive application. by 2017 cisco predicts a wireless did data deluge. >> there will be 134 extra bite of mobile data on the internet in simplec terms that is 134 times the entire internet traffic that existed in 2000. >> samsung clearly being more transparent than others about where it is heading. competition good for con sumen sumenters and could lead to more innovation and more choices. for 5 g we are still
9:45 pm
talking about another 6 maybe 7 years from now. can you wait? you won't have any choice. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> all right. mother and daughter. coming up next on 7 news at 9:00. the age at which teenager girls finally teena[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for ann to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citi tablet apps. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪ [ roars ] ♪
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> interesting find frtion study of teenager girls. you could almost call it secret from a female fight club. according to british researchers in one year a
9:49 pm
teenager girl has 183 fights with mom. 2 57 arguments with siblings. 153 fall out with dad. 127 fall outs with friends. and slams the door d one year. i know what you are thinking. waiting only 365 days in a year they are doing this all the time. many items day. cleaning the ramp answering back and dating were among the most common causes of arguments. as for when a woman appreciates everything that her mother did for her? researchers say that happens when the teenager that was so difficult reaches the age of 23. interesting. >> back to spencer. you raised a daughter. she's a great kid. >> daughter and son. i was very fortunate. didn't really have those problems. i hope they appreciated me before 23. here's a look at life doppler 7 hd. mostly clear skies. breezy conditions around the bay area receipt now. tomorrow state wide mostly sunny but we see an increase in clouds in the northern part of the state. that will mean that will include the bay area as well as the clouds push down that the bay area to into tomorrow
9:50 pm
afternoon ths pretty much how it look. more sunshine to the south. if you more includes to the north. cooler day than today. high pressure generally in the 70's inland maybe some low 80's fairfield antioch upper 60's to low 70's rate around the bay. breezy cool on the coast and week ahead temperature trend in livermore is downward on thursday friday and much of the bay area. really cool those two days but warming up again sunday monday. 7 day forecast all area see cool did you know on thursday friday. maybe even showers on thursday. start warming up heating up in fact on sunday and monday. >> very good. >> they appreciated you long before 23. >> i hope long after too is that thanks very much. >> larry is off. mike is here with all the sports tonight. game 5 for the warriors tonight. man. tough on the road. >> most important game in modern day history of the warriors tonight. san antonio why. facing the spurs game 5. all rookie first team tried to kept war glors this one but the
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rethink possible.
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>> coming up tonight at 11. victory tonight for this woman. settlement. major settlement announced late tonight in the sexual abuse case. we have the story. >> then fifth of hair. thus do tonight the lock to children who have lost their hair because of medical issues. but now this charity is facing a multi-million dollar scandal. 7 news investigation join us tonight at 11:00 o'clock over of on channel 7 but warrior on the road pivotal game tough spot. >> they are. war yrs ran out of gas tonight in san antonio and spur look like no. 2 seed game 5 in the first blow out of the series. curry said injured left ankle felt better tonight than heading that game if you are. first quarter curry. were yours up 11-8. then past parker. high off the glass left hand but finished with on4 somewhating. 4 turn over.
9:55 pm
parker he led the spurs with 2 25. a run to take control. the 3. 27-15 spurs. barns first team all rookie today. stop the bleeding. 12 minutes 3 of 3 from the field and 6 point warriors within 7. early second quarter. easy dunk. had 16. warriors down 2. third quarter duncan turn over. streaking. barns 26 game 4, 25 tonight in game 5. warriors down 2. they can't get over the hump. green. fast break. spurs back up-11. ñi leonard let open. corner 3. got it. 8 81-67. mav to the fourth. slashing scoring. and spurs put it away with a 3 from former st. mary's star mills. held to 13 points. spurs take a lead with game sex at oracle on thursday night. >> it will be fine. we are
9:56 pm
excited about game sex. i believe those guys have a lieutenant left in them and we talked about it being a great series. they won the ball game tonight. give them credit. everybody is hurt thanksgiving time of year. my guys will buns back. >>çó all right eastern conference. pacers game 4 poor somewhating the theme for the knicks in this. the 26 important the pacers never in doubt. commanding 3-1 series lead. 93-82 that final in ind indy. down south shark hosted by the kings. game one of the western conference semi. they know each other well. it showed tonight. won the stanley cup last year and large part due to the play of goalie quick. he turned back 34 shark shots tonight. l under siege in the first period as well here. turn back 8 king shot attempt. los angeles finally breakthrough less than 15 seconds to go in the opening
9:57 pm
period. st 1 nothing kings. st manufacture to the second. again no. we credit the gelle gelleden mike richard on the redirect. 2 nothing kings and that is how it would end. l.a. takes a series lead game 2 thursday night at the staple center. well the giants left town confident bunch after 7 and 3 on the recent home stand. in toronto for 2 games and let the air of that moon in one inning of work. cabrera now blue jay world series ring today. he and fellow former giant mark taking itw3 to the od team. base hit to center. score a pair for 3 nothing toronto lead. giants pair of 1st inning error. faulty location l. cabrera one of the 4 hits. 6 nothing blue jay after 1 inning. 2012. struggling in the al. bell pops fifth homer 0th year. sandoval added 3 run jack in the 9th but the blue jay hold
9:58 pm
on to this victory. >> not everyone was a fan of tonight a's rangers game. oakland looking for the second straight win over the america league west leaders. leading in the fourth. make it 3 nothingçó. eighth of the year out of here. 3-1 game in the fifth. double left off derek. score make it 3-2. next inning. tied at 3. priming at the plate. base hit to left. miss played by murphy. smith isn't known for his speed. try to skr all the way from fears. play at the plate. no. smith in there 4-3. now 4-4 game in the 9th. complete highlights coming up at 11:00. tour of california. 110 miles from palm dale to santa clarita. sprintedñr to the victory in 4 hours and 20 minutes subpoena xavier still the leader by 12 seconds with 5 left in the event. we end on sad note.
9:59 pm
chuck munse passed away from heart attack at the able of 60. he was all american pack 8 offensive player of the year. l he was drafted by new orleans third over all pick 1976 with saints and chargers. rushing over 6700 yards and 71 touch downs 3 time all pro formed foundation after career working with disadvantaged youth. lt( great guy. always had a smile on his face. i tell you he left a legacy on the field but off. >> he gave back. >> he did. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news at 9:00 here on tv 20 for all of us here, thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time as always. our next newscast 7 news at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7. hope you can tune in for that. watch us on lane and connect with us on twitter and facebook with us on twitter and facebook
10:00 pm
dennis: oh, wow, dude, this thing is disgusting. mac: well, there's so much rust. maybe we should wipe it with a wet rag. - i'm not going to do that. - why not? because it's a (bleep) circuit breaker, mac. we'll get electrocuted. i'm just going to use this screwdriver, all right? it's got a rubber handle. that'll keep me grounded. no, i'm pretty sure you have to be standing on rubber. well, the bottoms of my shoes are rubber.
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